JBV Community Center

Jethavana Buddhist Vihara has been doing work in the community for the last 33 years. We are conducting various services for the people of Birmingham City

How We support local community

contact details

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T: 0121 554 1466

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coming events

JBV 2015's Programme

January Thursday 01st Blessings for New Year
Sunday 4th Duruthu Pohoya Day
February Sunday 01st Yathivara Pranama Pooja
Tuesday 3rd Navam Pohoya Day
Wednesday 4th Sri Lankan National Day
Sunday 15th Mapiya Vandana and Atavisi Buddha Vandana
March Thursday 5th Medin Pohoya day
April Friday 3rd Bak Pohoya Day
Tuesday 14th Sinhala New Year Blessings
Sunday 26th Sinhala New Year Festival for Dhamma School Children
May Sunday 3rd Vesak Pohoya Day
Sunday 17th Children's Vesak Programme
June Tuesday 2nd Poson Pohoya Day
Saturday 13th All Night Pirith Chanting
Sunday 14th Sanghika Dana
July Wednesday 1st Dhammachakka Sutta Chanting and Adhi Esala Pohoya Day
Friday 31st Esala Pohoya Day
August Saturday 1st Invitation for Vassana
Saturday 29th Nikini Pohoya Day
September Sunday 27th Binara Pohoya day
October Tuesday 27th Vap Pohoya Day
November Sunday 01st The Annual Kathina Ceremony
Wednesday 25th Eil Pohoya Day
December Thursday 24th Uduvap Phoya Day
Thursday 31st New Year Blessing 2016

For more information don't hesitate to call us on 0121 554 1466.