A message from the chief incumbent of the Jethavana Buddhist Vihara.

We who follow the path of the Buddha whether, monks or laity, should learn to be of ‘Service to Society’. The laity has many different ways and opportunities of providing service to society. As monks, our service to society is essentially by teaching and living the Buddha’s message. From the earliest times, it was the monks who saved the society from the brink of decay and destruction and led the people on the correct path.

The entire life of a monk is dedicated to social service. The laity will be performing social service in a limited manner compared to monks whose service starts from the day they enter the Order of Monks till the day they pass away. From the partaking of the first alms offered to them on that day of ordination, they devote their whole life to the needs of the people.

Following the noble tenets of Buddhism, showing reverence to one’s parents, respecting one’s teachers and elders, being cordial to one’s friends and relations, observing the higher precepts, radiating thoughts of loving kindness to all living beings and practicing and teaching mental development through meditation, are some of the other examples of ‘Social Service’.

As followers of the Buddha, the incomparable social worker, we Buddhists should resolve to be of service to society in every moment of our lives.For the followers of Buddha’s teachings, the Temple – the abode of the Sangha, can and should be the focal point of service to the society including the Dayakas (members of the committee) themselves. In this context, the saving of the Jethavana Buddhist Vihara is a great meritorious act and all those who took part are to be highly commended.As has been the tradition, I and my Bikkhu colleagues who reside in this temple will endeavour to the best of our abilities, to guide you in the Buddha’s path by advice and example, by living the Dhamma in day to day life.

It is our conviction that when it comes to our bounden duty of ‘showing the way’, we are here to be made use of towards your spiritual attainments. As such, by launching this website, we invite you all to keep the temple alive with your quest of the Dhamma and final Enlightenment.

Ven.Kappitiyagoda Gunawansa Thero