JBV Community Centre

Jethavana Buddhist vihara trust is a registered charity (1084219 )

What we do with our community

  • Mindfulness Meditation Classes and Courses
  • Counseling and Healing
  • Helping the needy
  • Educational programmes for local school visits
  • Teaching languages and culture to children
  • Hospital Visits for patients (Birmingham Children's hospitals and QE Hospital & Other Hospitals)
  • Help Community based police service
  • Visiting elderly and weak at their homes
  • Family counseling

The above services are offered to the community totally free of charge and the premises are being maintained by the devotees' kind donations. Annually there are nearly one thousand four hundred people visiting the premises to obtain various services. Initially, these services started in small groups and during the past few years, the number of people attending these programmes has gradually increased.

The children's classes are held every Sunday, initially, they started with 4 children and this has grown to 30 students in the last two years. This has meant that the previous two classes have now increased to three classes. Due to the increase in classes, it has come to our notice that the current space is not sufficient. It also has come to our notice that there is not any sufficient space for the people who attended the recent cultural programme held in the premises. At the moment, there is also no access to the premises for those who are unable to walk and stand. Therefore it is very important that we build a ramp to the main access.

The premises already have a plan approved by the Council for the Project and we are aiming to complete this Project in three stages.